About Me

 About Me


I am a game developer, currently living in Bend, Oregon. After graduating from Champlain College, I decided to stay in the area and start an indie game company with fellow graduates.

As lead designer at Seven Layer Studios, I and the rest of my team have just released our first game, Pizza! Fast!. After its release, we've all decided it to be best if we went on hiatus for a while, so that one day we can return together with more financial backing and a stronger experience base in game development.

At Seven Layer Studios, I have my hands in pretty much every aspect of the game's development. I work heavily in design, audio, programming, quality assurance, team management, and marketing and have even done a bit of art. While I did go to school specifically for game design and that is definitely the field at which I am most proficient, I feel as if I can call myself a game developer. Not just a game designer.






1031 SE 4th St Apt 24, Bend, OR 97702